“Unrivalled by any other exhibition experience”

SENSORY4™ is a completely new media platform. It creates an engaging, full-spectrum exhibition environment like no other. It educates and entertains visitors across all demographics, immersing them in the subject matter in a truly unique multisensory environment, unrivaled by any other exhibition experience.

Bruce Peterson, CEO, Grande Exhibitions

SENSORY4™ Permanent and Semi-permanent Installations

Add the WOW Factor to Your Attraction

SENSORY4™ is a perfect stand-alone attraction, displaying a story or content of your choice. Alternatively, SENSORY4™ can augment an existing attraction by bringing the experience to life and adding a big WOW factor for visitors.

We are able to install a permanent or semi-permanent SENSORY4™ environment, displaying visual and audio material of your choice.

SENSORY4™ is a whole new multimedia experience on the largest scale. What sets it apart is that instead of sitting in a seat viewing one giant screen, you walk among up to 40 giant screens and feel as though you are part of the whole experience. You are fully immersed in the multi-sensory experience as you walk around and through the environment.

Museums, Science Centers and Galleries

Perhaps you have an underused space in your institution and don’t quite know what to do with it. Or perhaps you don’t have the funds for a full-scale renovation. SENSORY4™ can provide an easy, fast, and cost effective solution for that space, turning that unloved area into your center’s new jewel in the crown.

All we need is power and a black box (a space devoid of any natural light). The rest we can take care of for you, handing over a whole new multi-sensory, immersive gallery that will transform your existing space.

Visitor Attractions

SENSORY4™ is the ideal way to add value to an existing visitor attraction. If you’re looking to increase the appeal of your attraction or to increase the yield by adding value, or even to establish an attraction from scratch, SENSORY4™ is an exciting solution that is easier to implement than you may think.

We can bring your attraction to life by creating a compelling story around it and adding the WOW factor. SENSORY4™ is a smart investment, sure to bring you new visitors, greater yield and a more complete and comprehensive visitor experience.

Exhibition And Convention Centers

SENSORY4™ can be used as a new revenue stream for your business. You can operate an entry fee exhibition experience program just like a museum, or you can hire the space to one of your premium customers for the duration of their trade show. Grande Exhibitions can create a tailor made experience for your customers, helping them significantly stand out in a crowd of exhibitors. It’s easy to implement such a program. Ask us and we’ll do the rest.

Permanent Installations

Do you have a facility or space within your attraction, venue or museum that you would like to revitalize? Are you looking for a unique tender idea for a new project? Grande Exhibitions has solutions for cost-effective permanent installations using our SENSORY4™ technology to transform a venue space into a state-of-the-art immersive gallery and breathe new life into it.

Installing a permanent SENSORY4™ immersive gallery environment would allow you to develop an exhibition display on any subject matter you like, rotate content on a regular basis; provide an avenue for corporate and cultural use or theme to your liking. The benefits of such an immersive environment and experience are numerous. For example, you could run a gallery by day and turn the space into a tremendous, themed corporate environment by night or a special themed party/event.

If you have questions regarding hosting an exhibition or an attraction or venue that needs a makeover, contact us for further information.


Revenue and Pricing

When exhibiting more than one SENSORY4™ experience over an extended period of time back to back, you will save a considerable amount on reduced production costs. You will also make a substantial amount by being able to sell tickets continuously without any downtime between exhibition experiences.

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