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Nov 20

World Premiere of Monet to Cézanne in St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia is playing host to the world’s first display of Grande Exhibitions’ latest SENSORY4™ experience, Monet to Cézanne – The French Impressionists. A follow up to the hugely successful Van Gogh Alive, the experience transports visitors into the mesmerising world of French Impressionism, immersing visitors in 19th Century Paris and the glorious masterpieces of Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Henri Edmond Cross, Paul Cézanne and more. Monet to Cézanne – The French Impressionists was produced by artists Gianfranco Ianuzzi, Renato Gatto and Massimiliano Siccardi in association with Grande Exhibitions’ SENSORY4™ technology. The experience makes its world premiere on November 20. Visit the official website here

Nov 11

101 Inventions at the US Space & Rocket Centre, Huntsville

“Earth’s largest space museum” will be playing host to Grande Exhibitions’ acclaimed immersive experience, 101 Inventions That Changed The World. The engaging, educational and interactive multimedia exhibition experience opens at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama on November 11, following recent displays at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia and Discovery Place in Charlotte, North Carolina. Check out the official website here

Oct 04

Van Gogh Alive in Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod Fairground is awash with a symphony of colour and sound as Van Gogh Alive makes its way to the Russian city, continuing its tour across the country. Grande Exhibitions’ acclaimed SENSORY4™ multimedia experience made its premiere on October 2. Visit the official website here

Aug 01

Van Gogh Alive Premieres in Kazakhstan at Dostyk Plaza

Van Gogh Alive premieres in Kazakhstan for the first time at Dostyk Plaza in Almaty on August 2. Supported by the Almaty Department of Culture, the vibrant, captivating SENSORY4™ experience showcases Vincent van Gogh’s works through over 3,000 images and a cinematic surround sound system. Visit the official website here

Jun 12

101 Inventions at Franklin Institute, Philadelphia

The famous Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA plays host to the latest showing of Grande’s 101 Inventions That Changed The World exhibition. The unique SENSORY4™ multimedia experience journeys through the timeline of humankind, highlighting the most important inventions that have changed history. 101 Inventions premieres June 14 for a limited engagement at The Franklin Institute. Check out the official website here

Jun 01

Planet Shark at Băneasa Shopping City, Bucharest

Grande Exhibitions’ new and improved out-of-water shark experience, Planet Shark: Predator or Prey has makes its debut on June 1 at Băneasa Shopping City in Bucharest, Romania. The experience comprises of fascinating traditional exhibition components, such as highly-detailed shark models, jaws, artifacts and fossils, as well as a brand new SENSORY4™ component- a 45 minute multi-sensory cinematic experience detailing the incredible story of the ocean’s apex predator. Find out more at the official Romanian website here

May 28

Van Gogh Alive at Konyushenaya Square, St. Petersburg

Van Gogh Alive, the globally-acclaimed SENSORY4™ multimedia experience continues its Russian tour, opening on May 28 at Konyushenaya Square in St. Peterburg. Netherlands Consul General Jennes de Mol will join St. Petersburg vice-governor Vassily Kichedzji in opening the exhibition to the public. Visit the official website here

May 19

Grande Exhibitions at AAM 2014

AAM 2014 begins on May 19 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington. Grande Exhibitions will be in attendance, with Chief Operating Officer Tim Atkins and Director of Exhibitions & Events Rob Kirk showcasing our catalogue of blockbuster exhibitions, as well as exciting new developments. Find us at booth #2313 and have a chat with us to discover how our range of SENSORY4™ multimedia immersive exhibitions can work for your museum or exhibition space! Find out more here