Areas of expertise

Creators and producers

Grande Exhibitions specializes in the creation, design, production and touring of large international traveling exhibition experiences and fixed exhibition projects which have broad cultural appeal.

Our traveling exhibitions are high-end museum quality, entertaining, educational, family-orientated and interactive experiences. Generally, our exhibitions are licensed into museums, galleries, venues and entertainment promoters in major cities around the world. Grande Exhibitions takes concepts or raw exhibits of timeless brand appeal transforming them into visually and technically dynamic exhibits ready to tour internationally.

Grande Exhibitions also owns and operates the permanent Museo Leonardo da Vinci in the heart of Rome, Italy.

Operating from permanent offices in Melbourne, London, Atlanta, Santiago and Rome, Grande Exhibitions has a worldwide network of partners and agents with a key presence in all time zones, enabling effective promotion and management in major cities throughout the world.

Our Criteria for Development of Exhibitions

  • Timeless Brand
  • Broad Mass Appeal
  • Entertaining
  • Educational
  • Interactive
  • Curatorial Correctness
  • Ability to Travel
  • Strong Ancillary Revenues – Sponsorship, Merchandise, Audio Guides, Official Program, Photo Opportunity, Hospitality, Food & Beverage
  • Manage freight, installation and de-installation


Development History

In 2005, Grande Exhibitions launched “Leonardo da Vinci – An Exhibition of Genius”, now known internationally as “Da Vinci – The Genius”; a hugely appealing traveling exhibition of Italian origins with much of the content originating from Museo Leonardo da Vinci, Rome. This was the first full traveling exhibition on arguably the greatest genius of all time that placed representations of all Leonardo’s major works and studies under the one roof.

In 2007, the amazing “Secrets of Mona Lisa” from Paris was added to make an already outstanding traveling exhibition even more compelling to visit.

The Leonardo da Vinci collection of traveling exhibitions and fixed exhibition projects has been seen by well over 5 million patrons worldwide.

“Planet Shark: Predator or Prey” made its world premiere in the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, USA in 2009 and after displays at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney and Singapore Science Centre, it continues to tour museums, natural history museums and science centres around the world.

“Van Gogh Alive – The Experience” had its World Premiere at the ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore in April 2011 from where it has then commenced on a world tour continuing on to Istanbul, Ankara, Arizona Science Centre, Tel Aviv and Santiago.

In June 2013, “101 Inventions That Changed The World” made its debut at The Leonardo in Salt Lake City, Utah and has since exhibited in numerous cities across North and South America, Asia and the Middle East.

“Monet to Cézanne – The French Impressionists” was launched in November 2014 with its world premiere in St. Petersburg, Russia. A follow-up to the globally acclaimed art and culture exhibition Van Gogh Alive, this experience will commence a world tour in 2015.

Permanent Installations

Grande Exhibitions have developed a unique, revolutionary and cost effective solution for permanent galleries, attractions and venues.

Using our SENSORY4™ system we are able to transform venue spaces or galleries of almost any size and shape into an immersive multi-sensory environment.

Installing a permanent immersive gallery gives the ability to develop an exhibition display on any subject matter imaginable, rotate content on a regular basis; provide an avenue for corporate and cultural use or theme in a specific way. The benefits of such an immersive environment and experience are numerous. For example, the SENSORY4™ system can run as a visitor attraction by day and then transform into a tremendous, themed corporate environment by night.

To help sell to your corporate sponsors, donors & benefactors it is also achievable for Grande Exhibitions to create short bespoke content specifically relevant to the organization involved.

In addition Grande Exhibitions could also look to assist in designing a removable infrastructure that could enable the projection surfaces to roll into and out of a space giving maximum flexibility with a venue.

Commercial Management

Fiscal management and commercialization is crucial to the success and longevity of any traveling exhibition.

Grande Exhibitions conducts full financial due diligence on all existing and prospective traveling exhibitions and fixed exhibition projects. A great deal of time and effort is also spent on the commercial modelling and opportunities that each exhibition presents.

Maximizing traveling exhibition revenue whilst controlling costs is paramount. Each venue and city has a specific financial report produced considering all standard and unique factors to forecast potential profit and loss scenarios.

A guarantee by Grande Exhibitions is given for full exposure on all accounts relating to each individual traveling exhibition with chosen partners. A strong financial relationship is formed with partners to ensure the development of a solid and clear reputation in this area.

Grande Exhibitions utilizes the professional legal services of Mr. Chris Farrell, Principal of Venue Legal Pty Ltd. Chris is a specialist in venue management, commercial law, and is legal council to a number of State Museums, Galleries and Stadiums in Australasia.

Marketing and Promotion

The majority of our exhibitions are licensed to museums, galleries, purpose built venues, attraction managers and professional entertainment promoters to exhibit. Grande Exhibitions has established relationships with a very large number of international partners, agents and clients on all continents and maintains a reputation second to none. Careful and extensive research has been collated for most major cities in the developed world on suitable locations to host potential traveling exhibitions or fixed exhibition projects.

  • Relationships have been nurtured and maintained in key locations and venues to enable Grande Exhibitions to develop a strong client base and network of decision makers
  • For all traveling exhibitions and fixed exhibition projects local advice is obtained in a selected city to highlight and expose the specific positive and negative factors of potential sites
  • Close consultation with Grande Exhibitions in-house creative team throughout all stages of planning, execution and evaluation allow for the confident delivery of a strong campaign
  • Grande Exhibitions can manage every aspect of the marketing and promotion of process in full or offer secondary support to clients exhibiting under license from us

Design and Production

Grande Exhibitions has its own in-house design and strategic marketing capabilities enabling efficient and expert advice in the creation, design and management of every visual aspect of an traveling exhibition.

Operations Management

This is an area where anything can go wrong at any time – so we plan as if it will.
Procedural guidelines are in place once a city and venue has been selected to ensure all aspects of exhibition delivery are provided.

Grande Exhibitions work with all the key operational suppliers to ensure the successful opening of the exhibition.

Venue and local partners are regularly consulted to discuss sourcing expert local suppliers and to provide additional services as required.

In terms of the actual production of each exhibition, extensive analysis is undertaken to design and produce the most suitable layout for the exhibition within a given space. Each exhibition is approached with a fresh vision. Management of local suppliers is undertaken to oversee the build of the exhibition. Once the exhibition is open, analysis is carried out to evaluate all aspects of operational procedures. If required, modifications are implemented to ensure the successful running of an exhibition.

Project Management

Grande Exhibitions manages the production and promotion of our own portfolio of world class, museum quality traveling exhibitions and fixed exhibition projects globally. We also continually cultivate an active pipeline of new traveling exhibition content for the future.

Grande Exhibitions regularly oversees projects leveraging its expertise and taking on short, medium or long term project management roles for other traveling exhibitions, fixed exhibition projects and events.

If you have a new or established traveling exhibition and require an experienced partner to manage and promote into certain countries or regions around the world, Grande Exhibitions would be happy to hear from you to discuss the merits of the project. Grande Exhibitions has a strong presence and is well connected in the difficult to reach Latin American and Asian markets.

Exhibition History

North America

Anchorage (V)
Atlanta (P)
Baltimore (D)
Boston (D)
Charlotte (101, V)
Dallas (P)
Des Moines (D)
Edmonton (D)
Fort Smith (D)
Honolulu (P)
Huntsville (D, 101)
Las Vegas (D)
Louisville (D)
Montréal (P)
Philadelphia (101)
Phoenix (D, V, P)
Portland (D, G)
Reading (D)
Regina (D)
Richmond (D)
Rochester (D)
Salt Lake City (D, 101)
San Francisco (D)
Santa Ana (D)
Saskatchewan (D0
Tampa (D)
Vancouver (D)
Washington, DC (D)
Winnipeg (D)


Almaty (V, 101, P, D, M)
Beijing (V)
Hangzhou (V)
Honolulu (P)
Kaohsiung (D)
Kuala Lumpur (D)
Macau (D)
Manila (D)
Melbourne (D)
Qingdao (V)
Seoul (D, V)
Shanghai (D, V)
Singapore (P, V, D)
Sydney (P)
Taipei (D)
Tokyo (D)
Xiamen (V)


Africa/Middle East

Ankara (V)
Cape Town (D)
Dammam (101)
Haifa (101)
Istanbul (P, V)
Johannesburg (D)
Tel Aviv (V, D, P)

Central/South America

Bogota (D, V)
Buenos Aires (D, G)
Cali (D, V)
Caracas (D)
Guayaquil (D)
La Paz (D)
Lima (D)
Medellin (D, V)
Panama City (D)
Rio de Janeiro (D)
San José (D)
San Juan (D)
Santa Cruz (D)
Santiago (D, V, 101, G, P)
São Paulo (D)
Trinidad & Tobago (101)


Assisi (D)
Brussels (D)
Bucharest (P)
Budapest (V, D, G)
Chișinău (D)
Copenhagen (P)
Ekaterinburg (V)
Florence (D, V)
Halmstad (M)
Kazan (D)
Kiev (D)
Kolding (D)
Ljubljana (D)
Madrid (D)
Manchester (D)
Milan (V)
Moscow (D, P, V, M)
Nizhny Novgorod (D)
Novosibirsk (D)
Nuremberg (D)
Odense (P)
Odessa (D)
Paris (D)
Prague (D)
Rome (D)
Rotterdam (D)
St. Petersburg (D, P, V, M)
Stockholm (G)
Turin (V)
Venice (D)
Warsaw (V)


101 Inventions That Changed The World


Da Vinci Alive – The Experience
Da Vinci – The Genius
Da Vinci – Inventions
Secrets of Mona Lisa


Monet to Cezanne – The French Impressionists


Planet Shark: Predator or Prey


Van Gogh Alive – The Experience


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