"Leaving audiences in awe of the world we live in"

Extreme Forces of Nature will captivate and enthrall audiences, leaving them in awe of the world we live in. It is a unique natural science experience that absorbs visitors in the full forces of Earth’s turmoil, inspiring a greater appreciation and respect for our environment.

Bruce Peterson, CEO, Grande Exhibitions

Extreme Forces of Nature

Venture to the edge of an erupting volcano. Stand in the face of an epic hurricane. Journey to the center of a roaring tornado.

Are you ready to experience our world at its most powerful, most beautiful and most destructive? Extreme Forces of Nature will take you as close as you’ll ever want to get.

Give your audience a completely immersive and constantly evolving natural science experience — one that entertains, educates and brings them back, time and time again!

Grande Exhibitions has created Extreme Forces of Nature specifically for museums and science centers as a permanent visitor experience. It is a dynamic multimedia gallery that showcases ever-changing content that places visitors in the heart of nature’s most spectacular recurring events.

High definition visuals and cinematic soundscapes of volcanic eruption, earthquakes, wildfires and tornadoes absorb visitors into a natural science exhibition like no other. The flexible technology of SENSORY4™ allows the experience to be seamlessly updated with the latest worldwide natural events as well as bespoke content that resonates with your audience.

The result? A relevant, dynamic, evergreen exhibition that provokes thought, fosters learning and encourages repeat visitation, particularly among schools, youth, community and tour groups.

Extreme Forces of Nature delivers endless variety and huge educational value to a wide audience, and promotes greater appreciation and respect for the world we live in.

A unique and flexible exhibition experience, Extreme Forces of Nature is adaptable as a 2,500ft² to 10,000ft² (250m² — 1,000m²) multimedia gallery, or tailored for specific venues as the perfect solution to modernize existing natural science installations.

The experience is available to license from mid-2017.

For details, request further information from Grande Exhibitions.

What is SENSORY4™?

Developed by Grande Exhibitions, SENSORY4™ is a unique system that combines multichannel motion graphics, cinema quality surround sound and up to forty high-definition projectors to provide one of the most exciting multiscreen environments in the world.

SENSORY4™ can transform any exhibition space to create a dynamic, informative and visually spectacular experience. Incredibly detailed images flow through the mass of projectors and merge with digital surround sound to saturate the space in a breathtaking immersive display.


  • A permanent yet timeless, dynamic and relevant experience for museum and science center demographics.
  • SENSORY4™ Immersive Gallery provides breathtaking visual displays combined with digital surround sound
  • Content updates researched, curated and uploaded remotely by Grande Exhibitions
  • Communicate relevant stories in context with existing Natural Science visitor experiences
  • Establish a real and substantial charitable action to aid various disaster relief programs, and investigate other ways we can assist people devastated by natural disasters
  • Allows your institution to remain current and relevant in design and content
  • Ever-changing content fosters repeat visitation
  • Group learning and discussion about the most recent topical global natural events
  • Increased visitation driver for tourist markets
  • Opportunities for sponsorship and bespoke events

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