“Sponsorships and Events in the Blink of an Eye”

Our SENSORY4™ environment transforms an exhibition experience into branded sponsorship or a tailored event space in the blink of an eye, providing host venues with a unique opportunity to engage corporate sponsors and event organizers.

Rob Kirk, Director of Commercial Operations, Grande Exhibitions

SENSORY4™ Sponsorships & Events

Grande Exhibitions and its proprietary SENSORY4™ immersive multimedia experiences provide host venues and event promotion partners with a range of unique and versatile sponsorship and event options.

Hosts worldwide have capitalized on Grande Exhibitions’ SENSORY4™ technology as an attractive sponsorship medium, experiencing great success in corporate sponsorships and private events.

Captivating. Versatile. Trusted by Brand Names.

SENSORY4™ enables a sponsoring organization to be directly involved in the exhibition experience and environment, showcasing their latest TV commercial, company video or tailored multimedia content inside the high-impact, large scale immersive environment. This allows the sponsor to generate interest, engagement and brand awareness and astonish visitors through a state-of-the-art advertising medium.

SENSORY4™ can also be used as an exclusive event space; corporations and organizations are able to effectively promote their branding and advertise their products, projecting them up to 7m (22ft) high on SENSORY4™’s large format screens during functions, presentations, gala nights or VIP events inside the immersive environment.

Additionally in some circumstances, hosts are able to integrate their sponsor’s brand into the SENSORY4™ experience itself for maximum exposure through a variety of effective, turnkey opportunities.

Unique, Engaging Advertising

With relative short production turnarounds, cost-effective pricing models and endless options for content customization, SENSORY4™ has already proven to be a successful, unique and engaging method of advertising.

Case Studies

Discovery Place, North Carolina, US

The prominent science center in downtown Charlotte engaged BMW (pictured) and Wells Fargo to sponsor their respective hostings of 101 Inventions That Changed The World and Van Gogh Alive. Grande Exhibitions produced rich, striking SENSORY4™ content based on the companies’ advertising material which showcased their products and key messages at the beginning of every scheduled exhibit.

Dostyk Plaza, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Superbly complementing the Van Gogh Alive experience and the city’s vibrant Almaty Day celebrations, Grande Exhibitions developed a narrative colorful, engaging SENSORY4™ presentation, journeying through the Almaty’s history and regaling visitors with fascinating stories about the city. A week later, SENSORY4™ was utilized again as a stylish and powerful advertising medium for numerous companies during the trendy Kazakhstan Fashion Week, engaged by Audi, Cosmopolitan Magazine (pictured) and Russian Standard vodka.

The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, US

One of the oldest and most famous science museums in the US secured TE Connectivity as a major sponsor for its hosting of 101 Inventions That Changed The World. Displaying TE Connectivity’s corporate multimedia content (pictured) within Grande Exhibitions’ SENSORY4™ environment provided the multinational manufacturing company a truly unique means to promote their brand to visitors of the immersive exhibition.

The Leonardo, Utah, US

To complement their 3-month hosting of 101 Inventions That Changed The World, Salt Lake City’s central museum engaged local and national organizations such as Fox News and Merit Medical to sponsor the exhibition, showcasing their branding and products within the SENSORY4™ environment and even on the interactive multimedia displays! Additionally, the Leonardo hosted an exclusive gala event prior to opening night, created and branded using the versatile SENSORY4™ system (pictured above).

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