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May 10

Van Gogh Alive returns to Latin America!

The beautiful art and incredible story of Vincent van Gogh has come to life in Medellín, Colombia! Opening on May 12th, the globally-acclaimed multimedia experience is will make its Colombian premiere at Plaza Mayor, showcasing the work of the famous Dutch artist utilizing Grande Exhibitions’ SENSORY4™ technology. Van Gogh Alive’s premiere in Medellín is part of a three-city Colombian tour; the experience will also be exhibited in Bogotá and Cali later in the year. Tickets can be purchased here.

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Apr 28

Presenting two brand new exhibitions from Grande Exhibitions!

We are very excited to announce the launch of TWO brand new SENSORY4™ experiences!

Experience ‘The Adventures of Alice’, a unique journey into one of the world’s most timeless and best-loved stories on a scale like never before: Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is brought to life utilizing Grande’s state-of-the-art multimedia exhibition technology, exquisite animation, cinematic score and storytelling narration.

From Alexander the Great to John F. Kennedy to Nelson Mandela, great leaders and their influential speeches have the power to inspire nations, ignite wars and alter the face of history. Tailored for museums, science centers and venues looking for a truly standout exhibition, ‘Leaders’ is an innovative and educational experience for visitors of all ages to enjoy.

‘The Adventures of Alice’ and ‘Leaders’ are currently in development by Grande Exhibitions, and are available now to license. First opportunities to host these two brand new exhibitions will be early 2017. Find out more about ‘The Adventures of Alice’ here, and learn more about ‘Leaders’ here.

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Mar 26

Van Gogh Alive opens in Turin, Italy

Van Gogh Alive, the internationally acclaimed SENSORY4™ exhibition experience continues its European tour, premiering on March 28 at the Società Promotrice delle Belle Arti in Turin, Italy. This marks Van Gogh Alive’s return to Italy for the third time, following previous displays in Milan and Florence. Purchase tickets here

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Jan 29

Da Vinci – Inventions at Muzeul Naţional de Istorie a Moldovei, Moldova

Da Vinci – Inventions opened its doors at Muzeul Naţional de Istorie a Moldovei in the Moldova capital of Chișinău on February 1. The exhibition, a modified version of Grande Exhibitions’ acclaimed Da Vinci – The Genius exhibition, focuses on the Renaissance masters’ machine inventions, described by historians as 500 years ahead of their time. The engaging, educational experience also explores some of Leonardo’s amazing codices, as well as multimedia presentations of his famous Vitruvian Man drawing, Sforza equestrian statue and Last Supper and Mona Lisa paintings. Buy tickets from the official website here

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Jan 18

Secrets of Mona Lisa in Fujian, China

The new Secrets of Mona Lisa has opened at the Sanfang Qixiang South Street Gallery in Fujian, China. Running concurrently with the Shanghai opening of Da Vinci – The Genius, the latest iteration of The Secrets of Mona Lisa showcases over 150 of French scientific engineer Pascal Cotte’s latest discoveries on the world’s most famous painting. Other highlights include a 360-degree replica of the Mona Lisa, archives and memorabilia, and a giant infra-red image exposing secrets of the painting like never before. Buy tickets here

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Dec 07

Da Vinci – The Genius – Shanghai, China

The Hub in Shanghai, China is the latest host of Da Vinci – The Genius. Premiering on December 8, the exhibition reveals to the world more than 150 fascinating new revelations about the Mona Lisa, previously undiscovered for 500 years. The exhibition also features many life-sized models of Leonardo’s machine inventions, interactive multimedia, as well as recreations of his most notable Renaissace artworks. Check out the official website here

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Nov 14

Van Gogh Alive opens in Warsaw, Poland

Van Gogh Alive opens this week at Centrum Eventowe in Warsaw, Poland, continuing its world tour alongside simultaneous showings in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing. Buy tickets here

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Oct 09

Van Gogh Alive opens in Anchorage and Hangzhou

From October 9, Art lovers in Anchorage, Alaska have the chance to experience the life and art of Vincent van Gogh like never before, as Van Gogh Alive takes them through a “symphony of light and sound”. The immersive multimedia exhibition experience, hailed as “revolutionary”, features more than 3,000 images of the famous Dutch artist’s life and work, brought to life and projected up to several meters high in size. Van Gogh Alive is now showing at the Anchorage Museum in Downtown Anchorage, Alaska. Buy tickets here

Van Gogh Alive also continues its tour across China. The exhibition experience, acclaimed in both Shanghai and Beijing, has now moved onto the beautiful city of Hangzhou, premiering on October 1 at the Hangzhou Creative Industry Center. Visit the official website here