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Aug 22

Van Gogh Alive opens in Krakow, Poland

Premiering at The Historic Main Railway Station, Van Gogh Alive opened in Krakow, Poland on August 20. The unique, iconic city venue showcases Van Gogh Alive experience across several halls, creating a distinctive, immersive experience for visitors to enjoy, depicting the story and art of Vincent van Gogh’s in the acclaimed multimedia exhibition’s trademark style. Visit the official website here

Jul 26

Van Gogh Alive continues its tour in Latin America!

Continuing onto its second Colombian city, Van Gogh Alive premieres in Bogotá on July 25. The captivating, vibrant and innovative multimedia exhibition experience showcases Vincent van Gogh’s works through over 3,000 of his images and a cinematic surround sound system. Visit the official website here


Jun 24

Da Vinci – The Genius a “Must-See Summer Exhibit”: USA Today

USA Today has recognized Da Vinci – The Genius as one of “12 Must-See Exhibits in the US This Summer“.

From June 25, the master works of Leonardo da Vinci are on display at Science Museum Oklahoma. Da Vinci – The Genius, the world’s most comprehensive traveling exhibition on the Renaissance master features life-size models of Leonardo’s inventions, numerous themed areas, multimedia touchscreens, animated videos and much more, exploring Leonardo’s incredible achievements across a variety of fields including art, engineering, music and architecture. Click here for more information and ticket bookings.

Jun 16

Planet Shark at Den Blå Planet, Copenhagen

The sharks are coming! Alongside its premiere in Honolulu, Hawaii, Planet Shark: Predator or Prey has opened at Den Blå Planet, the National Aquarium in Copenhagen, Denmark on June 15. Exploring the plight of the ocean’s most feared predator, the latest version of the world’s most comprehensive out-of-water shark experience features a brand new design direction, numerous themed areas, fascinating life-size shark models and research apparatus, as well as an immersive 45-minute SENSORY4™ gallery experience utilizing Grande Exhibitions’ flagship SENSORY4™ technology. Tickets and more information available at the official website

Copenhagen1 Copenhagen2

Jun 11

Van Gogh Alive in Xiamen, China

Xiamen’s Lianfa Huamei Space is alight with the colors and sounds of Van Gogh Alive, as the globally acclaimed exhibition continues its tour in China. Grande Exhibitions’ flagship SENSORY4™ multimedia experience made its premiere on June 10. Visit the official website here

Copenhagen1 Copenhagen2

Jun 11

Planet Shark at Bishop Museum, Honolulu

The Bishop Museum in Honolulu, Hawaii is the latest host of the world’s most incredible ‘out-of-water’ shark experience! Grande Exhibitions’ education on the ocean’s apex predator features an immersive 45-minute cinematic SENSORY4™ gallery, utilizing our unique SENSORY4™ technology, engaging thematic and interactive zones, a 15 meter wall projection showcasing over 40 sharks at actual size plus a range of rare and unique artefacts. Visit the official website here

Honolulu-1 Honolulu-2

May 27

Da Vinci – Inventions in Odessa, Ukraine

Da Vinci – Inventions opens in beautiful Odessa, Ukraine on May 27. This version of Grande Exhibitions’ acclaimed Da Vinci – The Genius exhibition focuses primarily on Leonardo da Vinci’s range of machine inventions, described by historians as “500 years ahead of their time”. The exhibition also explores Leonardo’s work on codices as well as high definition animated videos detailing his famous Last Supper and Mona Lisa paintings. Visit the official website

ods-1 ods-2

May 18

Da Vinci – The Genius opens at Cincinnati Museum Center

Premiering on May 20, Da Vinci – The Genius will open at the Cincinnati Museum Center. The world’s most comprehensive traveling experience based on history’s greatest mind allows visitors to discover life-size machine inventions of Leonardo da Vinci, as well as fascinating recreations of the Renaissance master’s most famous codices, anatomical studies, as well as his most famous Renaissance artwork. Learn more at the official website here

cin-1 cin-2