Hosting an Exhibition

Host Partners

If you are interested in hosting an exhibition, please contact

A number of commercial models are in place based around licensing and revenue share that can be discussed with you.

Hosting an exhibition generates revenue from ticket sales, sponsorship, audio guide sales, official program sales, merchandise sales, hospitality functions, seminars and food & beverage.

Permanent Installations

Do you have a facility or space within your attraction, venue or museum that you would like to revitalize? Are you looking for a unique tender idea for a new project? Grande Exhibitions has solutions for cost-effective permanent installations using our SENSORY4™ technology to transform a venue space into a state-of-the-art immersive gallery and breathe new life into it.

Installing a permanent SENSORY4™ immersive gallery environment would allow you to develop an exhibition display on any subject matter you like, rotate content on a regular basis; provide an avenue for corporate and cultural use or theme to your liking. The benefits of such an immersive environment and experience are numerous. For example, you could run a gallery by day and turn the space into a tremendous, themed corporate environment by night or a special themed party/event.

If you have questions regarding hosting an exhibition or an attraction or venue that needs a makeover then please make contact with us via email at for further information.