Ottoman Empire – The Experience

Reaching across Europe and the Middle East at its peak, the Ottoman Empire’s rule once commanded over 12 million square kilometers of land and is widely recognized as one of the most immense and enduring cultures in history.

“Ottoman Empire — The Experience” takes visitors on a mystical journey through the tale of the Empire, from its fabled origins in 1299 and its expansion through the 1700s, to its incarnation today as a majestic and vibrant cultural hub.

Grande Exhibitions, in conjunction with the Government of Turkey and SUIT Creative, have created and produced “Ottoman Empire — The Experience” as a unique and engaging multimedia exhibition, designed specifically for museums, science centers and venues seeking an unparalleled cultural experience.

Using Grande Exhibitions’ SENSORY4™ multimedia technology, this experience immerses visitors in a symphony of light and sound as they explore Ottoman art, music and culture, key events in the Empire’s history, its most famous conquests as well as mystical, legendary tales of Ottoman heroes.

“Ottoman Empire — The Experience” is flexible and adaptable for a large variety of venues, perfect for display as a flagship cultural exhibit or positioned to augment a venue’s existing historical artifacts.

The experience is available to license from mid-2017.

For details, request further information from Grande Exhibitions.

Quick Facts
How to Host
Under license from Grande Exhibitions
Contact us to explore options tailored to your requirements
Traveling Exhibition Period
Generally 3 months+
Space Required
Ideally 1,000 m2 / 10,000 ft2 and above
Ceiling Height
Ideally 5 m / 16 ft or higher
Freight Size
1 x 20 ft container and 1 x 40 ft HC container
Under supervision of Grande Exhibitions technicians
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