"A Showcase of Ingenuity, Innovation and Creativity"

Interactive, engaging and educational, Inventing Genius is a comprehensive showcase of human ingenuity, innovation and creativity. It is a unique exhibition experience guaranteed to inspire audiences globally.

Bruce Peterson, CEO, Grande Exhibitions

Inventing Genius

Invention. Discovery. Genius.

Ideas and invention have endlessly fascinated humankind throughout our existence, driving us to create and shape the world around us. From basic Stone Age survival through to forging new frontiers of abundance, exploration and innovation.

In a ground-breaking new format, Grande Exhibitions has combined Da Vinci – Inventions and 101 Inventions That Changed The World, two highly acclaimed exhibitions to form Inventing Genius, a comprehensive STEM-focused, educational experience placing the world’s greatest inventor alongside humankind’s greatest inventions of all time.

What is SENSORY4™?

Developed by Grande Exhibitions, SENSORY4™ is a unique system that combines multichannel motion graphics, cinema quality surround sound and up to forty high-definition projectors to provide one of the most exciting multiscreen environments in the world.

SENSORY4™ can transform any exhibition space to create a dynamic, informative and visually spectacular experience. Incredibly detailed images flow through the mass of projectors and merge with digital surround sound to saturate the space in a breathtaking immersive display.


  • Over 100 inventions across 14 themed zones
  • Hands-on interactives throughout, encouraging tactile learning experiences
  • STEM focused learning, blending history and innovation
  • Explains the theory and objective behind each invention
  • Draws parallels between Leonardo’s work and modern technology and engineering
  • Explores the ‘what, why and who’ of inventions
  • SENSORY4™ Immersive Gallery provides breathtaking visual displays combined with digital surround sound
  • Multimedia touchscreens throughout exhibition display
  • Live and interactive Social Media Wall integrates dynamic content and promotes understanding and discussion
  • Significant potential for sponsorship and governmental support
  • Inventors’ Den interactive activity area provides exciting and stimulating activities for younger visitors
  • Explore with LEGO® provides fun and educational activities for students of all ages

Hosting The Exhibition

  • Under license from Grande Exhibitions
  • Commercial terms and pricing are subject to duration, venue and operational requirements
  • Our SENSORY4™ system is ideally suited to venues of approximately 1,000 m² (10,000 ft²), however the system is highly adaptable for both smaller or larger spaces.
  • Our SENSORY4™ system is ideally suited to minimum ceiling heights of approximately 5 m (16 ft), however the versatility of our system allows for both lower or higher ceilings.
  • Freight consists of 3 x 12 m (40 ft) and 2 x 6 m (20 ft) containers (subject to change, based on freight origin)
  • Installed with on-site supervision by Grande Exhibitions curators and technicians
Tickets, exhibition program, DVD of the SENSORY4™ show, merchandise, photo opportunities, café, sponsorship, hospitality and corporate events using SENSORY4™ themed area