"A World of Wonder and Adventure"

Imagine stepping into a world of wonder and adventure, where every one of your senses are ignited. Boundaries blur as traditional perceptions of a museum exhibition dissolve into an experience like no other.

Welcome to the world of Grande Exhibitions.

Creators and Producers

Grande Exhibitions specializes in the creation, design, production and touring of large international traveling exhibition experiences and fixed exhibition projects which have broad cultural appeal.

Our traveling exhibitions are high-end museum quality, entertaining, educational, family-orientated and interactive experiences.

Generally, our exhibitions are licensed into museums, galleries, venues and entertainment promoters in major cities around the world.

We take concepts or raw exhibits of timeless brand appeal, transforming them into visually and technically dynamic exhibits ready to tour across the globe.

Grande Exhibitions has full ownership of its entire suite of exhibitions, which means your organization works with us directly throughout the entire engagement.


Grande Exhibitions have developed a unique, revolutionary and cost effective solution for permanent galleries, attractions and venues.


We possess extensive experience in the areas of fiscal management and commercialization, both crucial to the success and longevity of any traveling exhibition.


Grande Exhibitions provides full-spectrum marketing support and materials for our licensees across the world, ranging from museums, science centers and galleries to purpose built venues, attraction managers and professional entertainment promoters.


Grande Exhibitions has its own in-house design and strategic marketing capabilities enabling efficient and expert advice in the creation, design and management of every visual aspect of a traveling exhibition.


Grande Exhibitions works with all the key operational suppliers to ensure the successful opening of the exhibition.


Grande Exhibitions manages the production and promotion of our own portfolio of world class, museum quality traveling exhibitions and fixed exhibition projects globally.

Visitors can expect to be astonished and drawn into the splendor of Van Gogh Alive. Catherine Wilson Horne

President & CEO, Discovery Place, Inc.

Da Vinci Alive – The Experience takes visitors into the complex and dynamic mind of Leonardo. The masterpieces of the Tuscan genius come to life in a symphony of lights, sounds and images! Laura Tabegna

Journalist, La Nazione

101 Inventions is like traveling the world and moving swiftly through time, while standing in one place. Carole Mikita

Reporter, KSL 5 News, Salt Lake City

Game-Changing Exhibitions

Our portfolio of traveling exhibitions has been described as “revolutionary”, “genre-redefining” and akin to “traveling through time”.

Our passion is to consistently deliver high quality experiences to museums, science centers, galleries, purpose-built exhibition venues and entertainment promoters around the globe.

More Than a Decade of Experience

For over a decade, Grande Exhibitions has traveled the world, delivering unrivaled immersive experiences to a wide range of audiences.

Our philosophy is simple: we offer engaging, interactive and innovative exhibitions with a focus on a great visitor experience and maximizing our licensee partners’ investment returns.

Strong Worldwide Parnerships

Grande Exhibitions has proudly built strong relationships with hundreds of licensees worldwide, to whom we’ve provided a full spectrum of services including exhibition conceptualization and design, production, promotion and installation.

North America

Anchorage (V)
Atlanta (P)
Baltimore (D)
Boston (D)
Charlotte (101, V)
Dallas (P)
Des Moines (D)
Edmonton (D)
Fort Smith (D)
Honolulu (P)
Huntsville (D, 101)
Las Vegas (D)
Louisville (D)
Lubbock (D)
Montréal (P)
Philadelphia (101)
Phoenix (D, V, P)
Portland (D, G)
Reading (D)
Regina (D)
Richmond (D)
Rochester (D)
Salt Lake City (D, 101)
San Francisco (D)
Santa Ana (D)
Saskatchewan (D)
Tampa (D)
Vancouver (D)
Washington, DC (D)
Winnipeg (D)


Almaty (V, 101, P, D, M)
Beijing (V)
Hangzhou (V)
Honolulu (P)
Kaohsiung (D)
Kuala Lumpur (D)
Macau (D)
Manila (D)
Melbourne (D)
Qingdao (V)
Seoul (D, V)
Shanghai (D, V)
Singapore (P, V, D)
Sydney (P)
Taipei (D)
Tokyo (D)
Xiamen (V)

Africa/Middle East

Ankara (V)
Cape Town (D)
Dammam (101)
Haifa (101)
Istanbul (P, V)
Johannesburg (D)
Tel Aviv (V, D, P)


Assisi (D)
Bologna (V)
Brussels (D)
Bucharest (P)
Budapest (V, D, G)
Chișinău (D)
Copenhagen (P)
Ekaterinburg (V)
Florence (D, V)
Halmstad (M)
Kazan (D)
Kiev (D)
Kolding (D)
Krakow (V)
Lisbon (V)
Ljubljana (D)
Madrid (D)
Manchester (D)
Milan (V)
Moscow (D, P, V, M)
Nizhny Novgorod (D)
Novosibirsk (D)
Nuremberg (D)
Odense (P)
Odessa (D)
Paris (D)
Prague (D)
Rome (D)
Rotterdam (D)
St. Petersburg (D, P, V, M)
Stockholm (G)
Turin (V)
Venice (D)
Warsaw (V)

Central/South America

Bogota (D, V)
Buenos Aires (D, G)
Cali (D, V)
Caracas (D)
Guayaquil (D)
La Paz (D)
Lima (D)
Medellin (D, V)
Panama City (D)
Rio de Janeiro (D)
San José (D)
San Juan (D)
Santa Cruz (D)
Santiago (D, V, 101, G, P)
São Paulo (D)
Trinidad & Tobago (101)

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